Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombus of Radio America celebrate the Supreme Court upholding the Constitution in two separate cases. They agree with the court’s conclusion that President Trump’s travel ban is within his constitutional and statutory right. They are also glad to see the Court side with free speech in striking down a California law that required crisis pregnancy centers to advertise abortion services. They are also pleasantly surprised that Democratic leaders are condemning Maxine Waters’ calls for the harassment of Trump administration officials.

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  1. Taras Coolidge

     Anti-Trump conservatives (like the hosts, I think) refuse to recognize just how thin the ice is America is skating on.   They seem to take it for granted that Republicans will always have a narrow majority on the Supreme Court. 

    Those two decisions, which should have been 9–zip (based on the Constitution and the law), as the hosts themselves admit, were instead both a whisker-thin 5–4. 

     In other words, if Hillary had won, as Never-Trumpers hoped, both decisions would have gone the other way. 

     And we’re not out of the woods.  Progressive justices do not respect conservative precedents.   A future, 5–4 progressive majority on the court can reverse everything. 

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