Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three critical martinis after opening with thoughts on the passing of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, who died Sunday at age 96.

Then they react to libertarian Javier Milei’s dominant win in Argentina’s presidential race amid a massive economic crisis there. They also note Milei’s unconventional approach to politics and the media’s reflexive opposition to him.

They also chronicle a Fox News poll showing showing voters trust Republicans to deal with issues ranging from the border to foreign policy and from crime to government spending – by a wide margin. And an NBC poll shows President Biden with his worst numbers yet. But can Republicans actually capitalize on all this?

Finally, they fume as Politico shifts from constantly demonizing any GOP calls for spending restraints to suddenly noticing out-of-control spending and huge interest payments on the debt – and are now demanding the House GOP majority do something about it.

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