Please pause your celebrations of Benjamin Harrison and James Buchanan on this Presidents Day and join Jim and Greg for good, bad, and crazy martinis.

First, after a few opening thoughts on how celebrating Washington and Lincoln has now been diluted into recognizing all presidents and how we can reverse this, Jim and Greg dig into an ABC News report on how the strongest states economically are predominantly red states. However, the story spends much more time asserting that better weather and progressive cities in red states are the key to success and attracting more businesses and employees. However, the real reasons are simple: lower taxes, right to work laws, and less regulation.

They also welcome a more formal State Department Inspector General investigation into the rather abrupt dismissal and stripping of security clearance for Biden’s Iran envoy, Robert Malley. The Semafor story breaking the news also lays out red flags concerning Malley before Biden even took office.

Finally, they welcome Egypt’s foreign minister getting fed up with Hamas for refusing to recognize Israel and failing to renounce its genocidal tactics in order to bring a ceasefire to the area.

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