David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America take on three heavy topics, starting with Colorado baker Jack Phillips now having a powerful case of discrimination against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission after the commission ruled Phillips had violated the rights of a transgender lawyer for not customizing a cake for their gender transition or one depicting Satan engaged in a sex act.  They also hammer the Catholic church in Pennsylvania over the new grand jury report that reveals more than 3oo priests horrifically abusing more than a thousand children over the decades and the despicable lengths officials in the church went to in order to silence accusers and keep the priests in active ministry.  And they shred Chelsea Clinton’s absurd contention that abortion has been great for the economy because it allows more women to stay in the workforce.

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  1. Arahant Member

    I think David is overselling the priest sex abuse scandal. Is it bad? Certainly. Should things be done? You bet your sweet bippy. But such emotionally-charged language? Might be taking it too far. Then he casually tosses off six million dead from Roe v. Wade. Somehow, I think that is a much bigger deal than about a thousand lives twisted by three hundred bad priests. Proportionality.

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  2. Lois Lane Coolidge
    Lois Lane

    I listen to the venom directed at a baker, and it seems some LGBTQ activists want to quite literally destroy other people.  I honestly don’t care about the sexuality of others, but I despise this sort of targeting.  It seems quite real to me, and that is evil.

    I hate priests hurting kids, too.  There are individuals who do great harm to the group, whatever the wider group is doing.

    I mean I have known nothing but kind priests and nuns, But I remember watching a priest involved in exorcisms talking about demons in the Vatican.  (He wasn’t saying Satan had taken over all ofRome but that priests are men, and there is an ever present spiritual war ongoing.). 

    That made sense to me.  

    Maybe because I am Catholic in this age of disgusting abuse?

    I hate it, but there are evil priests.  I accept this.   I know that this will further hurt the church.  Whatever the number impacted, evil is evil, and that must be recognized.

    Of course abortion is an abomination.  But You don’t need murder on mass scale to make something *more* evil.

    Each individual act is equal in some way, an equal offense to God. 

    How can one be overwrought?

    Holy smoly.

    There is a danger in looking dismissive—or blind— if one doesn’t react to disgusting things with language that in other circumstances would sound like hyperbole.

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  3. Wolfsheim Member

    As a Catholic of conservative political views (and a longtime fan of TTML), I confess that I have tended to be far more critical of the secular media than of the Chur ch hierarchy and to explain the genuine cases of abuse as the consequence of a lavender network made possible by Sixties-era laxity–and naïveté. No. The rot is far deeper than we defenders of Mother Church imagined. Yes, evil is the only word for it. DF and GC, brothers in Christ, you are right.

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