Join Jim and Greg as they are glad to see at least a few House Democrats wanting little to do with Nancy Pelosi’s effort to steal a House seat away from the GOP. They also mourn the victims of the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, and rip into the constant habit of partisans trying to  instantly blame their political rivals for the evil actions of someone else. And they not very impressed with Sidney Powell’s assertion that she can’t be sued by Dominion for defamation because no reasonable person should have believed what she was saying about the 2020 elections.

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  1. David Carroll Thatcher
    David Carroll

    As a regular listener, I was sorely disappointed in hearing Jim Geraghty’s commentary on the Sidney Powell’s motion to dismiss the voting machine lawsuit.  Di Jim deliberately mischaracterize the defense to get a laugh or something.  I thought it poorly done.

    The motion apparently contends that Sidney Powell’s allegations were opinions rather than statements of fact.  That is not even close the Jim Geraghty’s take that the statements were not supposed to be believed.

    I don’t think the motion will succeed, but it might because lawyers (and the judge is one) don’t want to be liable for making allegations in a complaint.  I agree that the press conference is not a forum in which lawyer statements will be protected and that the press conference statements were more than mere opinion.  However, the asserted defense is nowhere close to Jim Geraghty’s mischaracterization that no one could have believed them anyway. 

    The 3 Martini podcast is all about opinion.  To carry Jim’s take to the podcast, nothing you say on the podcast should ever be believed because it is only opinion so why bother to listen.  


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