Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy WikiLeaks expose the Democratic panic after Pres. Obama publicly said he only learned of Hillary Clinton’s email server through the media.  They also unload on both Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich for their exhausting and devolving debate on Tuesday night.  And they shake their heads as Mike Pence is sent to Utah to shore up that state for the GOP ticket.

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  1. Lois Lane Coolidge
    Lois Lane

    I hope Evan takes it.  I don’t normally choose places to go because of politics, but I’m skiing in Utah this year over any other state.  I’m happy to give them my money.

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  2. Nancy Spalding Thatcher
    Nancy Spalding

    Actually, shocked when they were talking about the wikileaks email about “when Obama knew about Clinton’s email” that they didn’t refer to the email the FBI found, where the president had emailed her directly using a pseudonym… have we forgotten her “get out of jail free” card so soon? Or have the rush of loony events crushed our long term memories?

    President Obama seems to have found out everything bad over the last years from the news; perhaps he should listen to his briefings now & then?

    I am always glad when they can come up with a good martini… it’s been a long year.

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  3. Lois Lane Coolidge
    Lois Lane

    Nancy Spalding: I am always glad when they can come up with a good martini… it’s been a long year.


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  4. valis Inactive

    Love you guys.  Wish I could have a few martoonis at lunch myself.  Expect I might after the election and inauguration whoever wins.

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