It’s all crazy today! Join Jim and Greg as we react to #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano suddenly finding a complicated gray area on assault allegations now that Joe Biden is one being accused. They also sigh as President Trump reportedly rejects polling data that suggests his coronavirus briefings could be hurting him politically and that he’s losing to Biden. And they recoil at the aggressive efforts to free prisoners under the pretense of virus mitigation.

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  1. Arahant Member

    Common sense has never been as common as advertised.

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  2. kedavis Coolidge

    Few things are crazier than any belief that anything someone might have doubts about with Donald Trump, would be handled better by… JOE BIDEN!!!

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  3. kedavis Coolidge

    The Milano/Biden stuff couldn’t be more obvious.

    So, she wants the media to ask Biden about the accusations.  Does anyone doubt that Biden would deny it?  Perhaps along with references to dog-faced pony soldiers again.

    Which basically puts Biden in the same position as Brett Kavanaugh.

    And yet, associates of Tara Reade confirm that she told them about it at the time.  She has been clear about times and locations.

    Meanwhile, associates of Christine Blasey Ford say that she didn’t mention anything to them, and people whom Ms Ford said were present at the parties involved etc, say they never saw or heard anything.  Ms Ford has been uncertain, to put it gently, about times and locations.

    So of course, Alyssa Milano believes Biden is innocent, and Kavanaugh is guilty.

    Come again?

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  4. Taras Coolidge

    Remember, Jim Geraghty is always wrong.  

    He classifies it as a “crazy martini”, when Donald Trump is confronted with unfavorable polling data and responds, “I’m not losing to Joe Biden!”  

    Geraghty describes the polls as “ominous” — which they would be, if this were late October, and not more than SIX MONTHS before the election.  (Towards the end of the segment he admits it’s April and early days yet.)

    Geraghty asserts that the polls are declining because of the daily COVID-19 pressers.  Not impossible, but he offers no evidence to support this view.

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  5. Patrick McClure, Coffee Achiev… Coolidge
    Patrick McClure, Coffee Achiev…

    Jim, you admonish the President that he ran for the job and shouldn’t complain. I heard nothing in what you all quoted that President Trump was complaining that this wasn’t what he expected when he ran for the office.

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