Join Jim and Greg as give President Biden credit for correctly labeling the Ottoman slaughter of Armenians last century as a genocide, They also rip John Kerry for reportedly telling Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif that Israel was responsible for more than 200 attacks against Iranian interests inside Syria. And they shake their heads as Vice President Harris seems unmotivated to solve the border crisis yet copies of her kids book are showing up at a migrant facility in California.

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  1. Dr. C. Member
    Dr. C.

    It was interesting to learn that Harris’s book, “Superheroes are Everywhere,” has been provided to children at a migrant children’s center in California. I looked up the book on and learned that it is in English.

    What sort of message does this send  to migrant children? Are they expected to learn English? Are only English speakers provided with this book? 

    The mind reels.

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  2. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    This is the fourth picture that I uploaded to Ricochet. Always relevant.

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  3. kedavis Coolidge

    Dr. C. (View Comment):
    The mind reels.

    That’s so out of date.  I think you mean the mind MP3s.

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  4. kedavis Coolidge

    Ricochet Audio Network: Biden‘s Puppet Master Gets One Right


    There you go.

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