Join Jim and Greg for three compelling martinis focusing on major 2024 headaches for Joe Biden, with a bit of relevant pop culture thrown in.

First, they’re stunned by a new Siena College poll showing Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden by nine points among Jewish voters in New York. Given Biden’s 38-point win among Jewish voters four years ago, that would be a major shift in response to Biden’s handling of the Hamas terrorist attacks, the ensuing war, and the rampant anti-Semitism expressed on college campuses and beyond.

Next, they dig into the ever-worsening problem of food inflation. While year-over-year inflation is down from 40-year highs, we’re still paying for all of those increases. Plus, restaurant and grocery costs are still rising and having a very real, devastating impact on American families.

Finally, even lefty Ezra Klein is urging Biden to pack up and head off into retirement. Beyond the question of whether the president can do the job for another four years, Klein says Biden isn’t even in shape to campaign this year.

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