Former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney and National Review Contributing Editor Andy McCarthy is in for Jim and provides a wealth of historical and first-hand context to our three topics today.

First, Andy and Greg assess Special Counsel Robert Hur’s testimony surrounding the timeline confusion in Biden’s testimony over allegations that he mishandled classified information. Hur’s testimony puts the lie to Biden’s angry denunciation that he was asked when his son died. Instead, Biden volunteered it and got it wrong.

Andy also points out that Biden was found to be mishandling sensitive information for decades, including his time in the Senate. And he explains why Biden being in possession of classified info from his Senate days proves that Biden – and not his staff – is responsible for him having those documents. He also provides critical background information into another notorious example of a Democrat being caught red-handed illegally taking classified information.

Next, they shudder as FBI Director Christopher Wray confirms in Senate testimony that the bureau is actively investigating allegations that human smugglers with ties to ISIS are actively moving people at our southern border. Andy says this should come as no surprise and he shares the stunning immigration enforcement incompetence that allowed the terrorist mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing to enter the U.S. illegally – even after being directly linked to a high-profile assassination overseas.

Finally, they zero in on California Rep. Adam Schiff suggesting that Donald Trump should received “dumbed down” intelligence reports as the GOP presidential nominee because of the classified charges pending against him. Andy says this would not be the first time the intel community played favorites in a presidential election involving Trump, and he recalls why Schiff is the least credible advocate for this argument against the former president.

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