Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America help Hillary Clinton understand why she’s not 50 points ahead and enjoy the fact she’s blaming union members for her close race.  They also slam Twitter for suspending Instapundit Glenn Reynolds for his controversial tweet during the Charlotte riots.  And they shake our heads as Gary Johnson continues to demonstrate he’s just odd – this time speaking with his tongue out of his mouth during a national television interview.

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  1. DeanSMS Member

    Rather a goofy, odd ball as President than a lying thief or a hyping salesman.

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  2. milkchaser Member

    I fail to see the reasoning behind calling Gary Johnson “goofy”. True, he does not play the gravitas game. But this does not make him goofy. When you think about it, the requirement to pretend there is nothing absurd about this election is what is really odd. To pretend that Trump is not an incompetent boob (just because he has the GOP nod) is much more outlandish than anything Johnson has done.

    Johnson smoked pot. Newsflash: So have tens of millions of others. It is no more harmful or goofy than drinking a bit (which both Hillary and Trump have been known to do). There is a big difference between wasting your life being stoned all the time and occasionally enjoying THC intoxication. If you think that GJ has wasted his life, you know far too little about him and are too ignorant to comment on him.

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  3. John Berg Member
    John Berg

    @milkchaser  Trump is a well know teetotaler.

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  4. Ario IronStar Inactive
    Ario IronStar

    John Berg:@milkchaser Trump is a well know teetotaler.


    People feel pretty free to say whatever they want about Trump because, well, he’s an idiot buffoon, right?

    Trump does more than his part to abet this impression, but it also explains why the NeverTrumpers (or plain Trump haters) keep getting so much so wrong.

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  5. Israel P. Inactive
    Israel P.

    George Wallace said that if hippies lie down in front of his car, he’d run them over.

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