Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper blame his ethics problems on “dark money” Republicans after an independent commission found him guilty of improperly accepting gifts while in office. But will it really damage his bid for U.S. Senate? They also shake their heads as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee pretends not to know a group of radicals is claiming several square blocks in Seattle as ” an “autonomous state” that is separate from the United States. And as the cancel culture claims the TV shows “COPS” and “Live: PD,” they fire back at the unhinged push against the Nickelodeon cartoon “Paw Patrol.”

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  1. kedavis Member

    I believe Cops – it’s not an acronym – has been “cancelled” before. And then returned when saner heads prevailed. Hopefully it will return again.

    And, Democrats don’t seem to care how corrupt their “leaders” are, as long as they support taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, etc.

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    • June 11, 2020, at 11:49 AM PDT
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  2. dicentra Member
    dicentra Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    The problem the wokesters have with cop shows is that cops are portrayed as the good guys. Even when they go over the line we kinda cheer because the lowlife they punch had it coming, according to the script.

    Paw Patrol shows cops as good guys, which makes people give cops the benefit of the doubt, having garnered a good opinion of cops from all our entertainment.

    There’s some truth to that, but as usual Leftists have reduced the cause of a problem to one thing, and it’s a thing they can control using social pressure. The actual problem of police brutality is rooted in human nature plus the unions that protect them plus other various forces that interact in a complex way. But political movements don’t do complexity, they harness simple emotions to produce a wave wherein they can seize more power for themselves.

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    • June 11, 2020, at 1:27 PM PDT
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  3. Bishop Wash Member

    If Jim can’t get simple math facts right, can we trust him on other things? 1995 has to be only ten years ago, tops, right?

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    • June 11, 2020, at 1:27 PM PDT
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  4. kedavis Member

    Did Jim say that 1995 was 10 years ago? I missed that.

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    • June 11, 2020, at 2:05 PM PDT
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  5. Bishop Wash Member

    kedavis (View Comment):

    Did Jim say that 1995 was 10 years ago? I missed that.

    No, Alex the chick was joking that Jim said it was 25 years ago in his article and there’s no way that 25 years have passed since 1995. I’m a few years younger than her and feel the same way. 

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    • June 11, 2020, at 2:38 PM PDT
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  6. kedavis Member

    I guess I need to study up on twitter-ese.


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    • June 11, 2020, at 3:21 PM PDT
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  7. Arahant Member

    This Paw Patrol thing really is nuttier than a walnut grove.

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    • June 11, 2020, at 3:24 PM PDT
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  8. Taras Coolidge

    When the Seattle occupation collapses, I’m sure Jean Valjean will be able to escape through the sewers of Paris.

    Incidentally, people who see Les Mis usually assume it takes place during the French Revolution, or the revolutions of 1848. Actually it’s an insurrection as laughable as this current one, so people have forgotten all about it. But Victor Hugo, nostalgic about his participation as a young student, put it in his book.

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    • June 11, 2020, at 5:44 PM PDT
  9. Taras Coolidge

    I guess it’s no fun occupying the Dean’s office if the Dean agrees with the occupiers.


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    • June 11, 2020, at 5:51 PM PDT
  10. Joe D. Lincoln

    I would be pretty pissed off if my house was in the autonomous zone.

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    • June 12, 2020, at 6:17 AM PDT
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  11. Joe D. Lincoln

    I can’t believe you don’t see it. Paw Patrol is totally a problem! … 

    Seriously, though, if they could go after ‘Nature Cat’ – I could get behind that.

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    • June 12, 2020, at 6:21 AM PDT
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  12. kedavis Member

    Joe D. (View Comment):

    I can’t believe you don’t see it. Paw Patrol is totally a problem! …

    Seriously, though, if they could go after ‘Nature Cat’ – I could get behind that.

    Or Captain Planet. Fortunately that’s already long gone.

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    • June 12, 2020, at 10:33 AM PDT
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