Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America begin by discussing the interesting circumstances surrounding the discovery of Tom Brady’s stolen Superbowl jersey, but then get to the real news.  They are excited to see Neil Gorsuch begin his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.  They also react to the heads of the FBI and NSA say they have no evidence suggesting Pres. Obama ordered surveillance on Trump Tower.  And they shake their heads as only 43 percent of Americans can name one Supreme Court justice.

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  1. Guruforhire Inactive

    Is Hillary Clinton in Jail for crimes committed in public?  No?  Has anybody gone to jail over the IRS thing?  Wait no?  Did the IRS destroy all the evidence?  Oh yeah they did.

    Nobody in our government is credible on these matters.

    Trump could be full of crap, but we literally have no way to know.

    Obama could come out and say “yeah I did it” and nothing would happen.

    There is no way to know what is true, and even if known (knowable) the truth is completely independent from any outcome.

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  2. Nancy Spalding Thatcher
    Nancy Spalding

    I am of two minds about people unable to name a Supreme Court justice– I would prefer a higher level of public civic awareness, BUT I wish we didn’t have to care… as a limited government conservative, I don’t want it to matter so much. My day to day life should not be shaped by who is in the White House, or on the Supreme Court. (I couln’t name all 8 off the top of my head– Stephen Breyer is still there? Really?)

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  3. Rick Harlan Inactive
    Rick Harlan
    @Rick Harlan

    I want Trump to vindicate my original view of him, but @guruforhire has it right. Democrats of both the Obama and Clinton wings do stuff just because they can. Why wouldn’t they wiretap Trump? Hillary Clinton would have been rich if she hadn’t run the State Dept. as a Third World kleptocracy. She did anyway. She would have gotten away with it even if she hadn’t shunted top secret documents to her private, unsecured server. She did anyway. If Trump turns out to be right, and someone would get caught in the end, the conviction would be overturned on the basis of remarks during the campaign.

    On a tangent, it seems like a rogue wiretap operation would explain some of the leaks, such as about Flynn. I’m sure the charges and penalties would be a lot different for leaking a recording made illegally, than for a legal and classified intelligence operation, such as under a FISA warrant. Just guessing, but I suppose the first one might just involve invasion of privacy, and maybe some kind of hacking charge, instead of, say, espionage.

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