Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate Republicans doing much better than expected at the state legislative level just in time for redistricting. They also discuss the ongoing controversies in multiple swing states and how the vote counting is creating a lot of mistrust in the integrity of the vote. And they look at the updated Georgia numbers, which suggest two U.S. Senate races are headed to runoffs and the results could well determine the majority.

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  1. kedavis Member

    Sounds like when talking about down-ballot elections, Jim might be overlooking the possibility that fraudulent ballots may not have anything but the top spot filled in.

    Actual Democrat voters might be voting down-ticket too, but not the frauds. They get bad enough carpal tunnel just cheating on the Presidential line, let alone all the others.

    And just winning Georgia “fair and square” doesn’t mean Biden wins the whole election “fair and square.” There are a lot of questionable states besides Georgia.

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  2. VRWC Member

    Wow… really, really dumb take on the Georgia runoff(s)… there is going to be massive interest, a massive amount of money and massive turnout with the Senate at stake… typical runoff stats have ZERO to do with what is gonna happen in January 2021…

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