After discussing an eventful trip to the DMV, Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are happy to see experts shifting projections towards Republicans in four key House races, with Jim noting that real nominees often fail to poll as well as generic ones.  Jim also rips President Trump for reportedly using cell phones that staffers fear could leave Trump – and classified information – vulnerable to hacking or espionage.  And they blast Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan for urging parents across the country to stop sending their kids to school until Congress passes gun control legislation.

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  1. Penfold Member

    “not because we just hated Hillary.  Not because we were reaching for any old cudgel that we could grab to hit her over the head with”  

    You say this like it’s a bad thing.

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  2. Mike-K Member

    Stopping the kids from going to school might actually be a good idea, given what is being taught in schools now.

    Home schooling and private schools are a better choice. Tucson USD is now frantically trying to find a buyer for a vacant and unused elementary school so a charter school can’t buy it.

    Seventh circle of hell and so on.

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  3. Dorrk Inactive

    What a golden opportunity. Trump should enthusiastically agree with the proposal to shut down schools pending a new gun control law. Once the public schools are closed he should announce the Department of Education is no longer needed and charge Betsy deVos with the task of transitioning it into a program for refunding tax money to parents of school-age children in the form of vouchers for private schools or stipends in the event that they want to homeschool their own kids and get paid for it.

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