It’s a festive Friday as Jim is back to finish out the week. He and Greg wonder just how far Hillary Clinton is removed from reality as she claims voter suppression cost her key states in 2016 and that Russia will run Tulsi Gabbard as a third party candidate this year to help President Trump get re-elected. They also cringe as new polling shows incumbent Colorado GOP Sen. Cory Gardner with just 42 percent and losing to Democrat John Hickenlooper by double digits. And they close the week out by celebrating nine fun years of the Three Martini Lunch and looking forward to many more!

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  1. Seawriter Contributor

    Re: the poll on Gardner. Did they use the same polling company that produced a Fox News poll showing that 51% of the population favored removing Trump by impeachment? You know – the one that oversampled Democrats by 67%.

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  2. James Gawron Thatcher
    James Gawron

    Seawriter (View Comment):
    You know – the one that oversampled Democrats by 67%.


    Whoops, not again. Those darn pollsters just can’t get it right can they?

    I think HRC actually is clinically insane.



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  3. Arahant Member

    Run, Comrade Tulsi, run!

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  4. Penfold Member

    Hillary “…out-lied…”  Hey, I give her credit for telling the truth.

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