Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud the FBI for arresting a man in connection to threats made against Jewish Community Centers and other institutions, and the suspect might surprise you.  They also get a kick out of Colin Kaepernick suddenly ending his national protests now that he needs a job.  And they unload on Rep. Cedric Richmond for his horrible comments about KellyAnne Conway and for stating that Trump is not his president.

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  1. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    Maybe Kelly Ann was doing a rope-a-dope on the press corps., ask yourselves if that picture of Trump with the black  presidents would have been in the news at all if it weren’t for her. I suspect that picture would have gone right down the press memory hole.

    I disagree , liberalism IS a mental disease , these are people who would literally rather die than offend one of their aggrieved pet groups. At the same time they are shipping in people , a large chunk of whom wish to kill them, they are sending back Cubans who may, just may, vote Republican.

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  2. Freesmith Inactive

    With regard to the comments of Rep. Richmond our NeverTrumper pair make the stale observation that no Republican member of Congress would be given license to say such outrageous things. They consider this an argument.

    It is not. It is a confession of impotence.

    Pointing out the different political and cultural consequences for similar speech and action predicated solely on the ideology of the speaker demonstrates who is in charge – who is calling the tune, and who must meekly dance to the music.

    This is why rather than counseling Democrats to hold their rhetorical fire until that time when the NeverTrumpers can join with them in hamstringing a Republican president, Geraghty and Corombos should be working full-time to undermine a media-enforced regime that has turned them and their conservative political leaders into eunuchs, capable merely of feminine snarking even while they are figuratively being bitch-slapped by bullying Democrats.

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  3. Israel P. Inactive
    Israel P.

    Nothing working here. Listening on Radio America.

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