Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America fume after a federal judge decides the debate over whether women should have to register for the draft has gone on long enough and rules the all-male draft is unconstitutional.  They also defend California Sen. Dianne Feinstein after supporters of the Green New Deal send small children to beg Feinstein to join their cause.  Then Jim unleashes a powerful response as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions whether the planet is in such peril that young people should no longer have children.  And they have their favorite catch phrase ready as former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid bashes Pres. Trump and says he misses President George W. Bush, whom Reid derided as a loser and a liar a decade ago.

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  1. James Taylor Coolidge
    James Taylor

    This ruling is irrespective of the USE of the draft. Forget if we ever use it. They need the same selective service # I got when I turned 18. No one asked me. I had to. So now that women can serve in combat, they get the same number. I can’t POSSIBLY see how this is a bad decision.

    We warned women about Selective Service. They wanted equality… NOW they have it. There IS NO EQUALITY without a Selective Service number for ALL ELIGIBLE people… not just MEN.

    Until women don’t get the choice to “play war” like NO MEN have excepting VERY narrow circumstances, then their roles in combat don’t get to be a choice either. It’s not for me. And trust me, it’s a bad idea to give women combat roles. End of story. If they want it, though… they have to take the ENTIRE crap sandwich.

    Sorry to disagree with you guys, but this ruling is just making sure that women get EQUALITY…


    The only way to STOP this ruling is to dissolve the draft. Since they won’t do that… IT IS EQUAL THAT WOMEN GET A DRAFT CARD.

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  2. JuliaBlaschke Coolidge

    The real emergency is the crap that is told to children to frighten them and use them as pawns. It really is disgusting. 

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  3. DJ EJ Member
    DJ EJ

    The government policy of telling American citizens who can have children and who can’t has been tried before. It’s called eugenics, and beginning with its 1900’s incarnation (continuing into the 21st century in California prisons and possibly elsewhere) it included forced sterilization. Progressives can’t seem to shake their attraction to eugenics, as they love creating plans to build the perfect society. Apparently the latest version of a perfect society will have no children at all, which begs the question as to where new taxpayers are going to come from to pay for the green new deal, medicaid for all, reparations for slavery, etc., etc.

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