Jim  Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America look at generic congressional ballot polls showing the Democratic blue wave might not threaten Republicans as much as was previously thought. They also think Laura Ingraham took the wrong tone during an immigration rant on Wednesday night, and they suggest the immigration discussion focus on policies and beliefs rather than demographics. And they continue to knock Republicans and Democrats for prioritizing celebrities in politics above genuine discussion of ideas, with actor Richard Gere’s name being tossed into the ring for New York’s 18th Congressional District and lawyer Michael Avenatti heading to Iowa to explore a presidential bid.

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  1. Eustace C. Scrubb Member
    Eustace C. Scrubb

    You both ignored Richard Gere’s service for the country in An Officer and a Gentleman. Maybe he’s running for office because, like Zach Mayo, he has no where else to go. (To be fair about the show biz/ politics thing; after watching that film, I’d vote for Lou Gossett Jr. in a heartbeat.)

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  2. TonyFrazier Inactive

    Hated First Knight with those weird Star Trek-style uniforms on the Round Table Knights. But on the subject of celebrity politicians, I thought Reagan did okay, and I have a fond memory of hearing Fred Grandy from The Love Boat delivering a Jack Kemp-style economic conservative speech on the floor  of Congress on C-Span years ago.

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  3. Taras Coolidge

     Then there’s Sonny Bono, who was going places until his tragic death.   One of the funniest things I ever heard was a keynote address he gave to a conservative meeting, putting on the persona of a naïve and wide-eyed freshman congressman. 

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  4. EHerring Coolidge

    Hey, my year in Tegucigalpa ended before they finished the Taco Bell, just down the street from Popeyes, near Pizza Hut.

    An SUV full of my people tried to do the Popeyes drive thru.  I had given them the Spanish for their number of pieces of chicken, sides, and drink thinking they could point.  None of that helped them.  They called me on the radio, tried to repeat what they heard, and get me to translate the question and tell them how to respond. After a disastrous few minutes, I told them to go inside and point.

    I later went there to see why it was so hard for them.  I had forgotten about all the extra questions in Spanish, here or to go, regular or spicy, light or dark meat, sides, sauce, etc.  I suspect Taco Bell would have been easier, had it been finished.

    I ate at the real bean shacks on the side of the road.

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  5. milkchaser Member

    The lyrics to “The Greatest Love of All” were written by Linda Creed (Michael Masser wrote the music). Whitney just made it famous.

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