Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching the Dems’ case for killing the filibuster wither away. They also discuss the House GOP fight over Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney and the impact it’s having on the party. And they shake their heads as Brookline, Massachusetts, insists on requiring masks outside despite he CDC easing those restrictions.

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  1. kedavis Inactive

    January 6 was 4 months ago, not 6.

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  2. Taras Coolidge

    Greg:  the Liz Cheney issue is “dividing the Right … it could be lopsided one way or the other …”  If Greg can’t tell which way this issue is “lopsided”, with even the House Republican leadership turning against her, I should be hosting this podcast instead of him!  

    Remember, even when people still believed the hoax that Trump supporters had murdered a police officer, she was one of only 10 Republicans in the House to vote for Donald Trump‘s second impeachment.  

    Her continuing attacks on Trump — on CNN! — are a slap in the face of the 200 Republican Congressmen who voted the other way.

    Oh, yes. She also did an interview on Fox News – with Democrat Chris Wallace.  Here’s the radical leftish Rolling Stone take:  “Watch Liz Cheney Lay Waste to Donald Trump During Fox Interview”.

    Maybe Greg is right after all. Liz Cheney does have lopsided support in her favor; only it’s in the Democratic Party.

    After Greg‘s brief comments, Jim Geraghty droned on and on and on, reminding me of why I don’t listen to this podcast anymore, but he eventually came to some sensible advice for Liz Cheney:  to shut her trap about Trump.

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  3. kedavis Inactive

    Or just shut her trap, period.

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