Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are more than happy to run against a Democratic Party that is now embracing socialism, and they worry that young people don’t understand socialism or its history.  They shake their heads at “conservative” Max Boot, who wrote for the Washington Post that he wants Democrats to win control of Congress in the midterm elections.  And they take aim at Vox for it’s absurd column suggesting the American Revolution was a “monumental mistake.”

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  1. Taras Coolidge

     The convention of using red to represent Republican states, and blue to represent Democratic states was, I think, not a coincidence but a clever stratagem to muddy the waters.

    The other day, I was telling a friend about how the great David Horowitz calls himself a “red-diaper baby”, and he got confused.  Doesn’t red mean conservative, he asked.

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