Join Jim and Greg as they react to New York Attorney General Tish James, a Democrat, issuing a scathing report saying that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is guilty of sexually harassing multiple women and his team tried to stop some from coming forward. They also discuss obvious signs that China is clamping down against the Delta variant after saying at length that its people are immune. And they react to a Biden COVID adviser telling CNN that your cloth masks really don’t do much good.

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  1. kedavis Inactive

    If you don’t test the dead for COVID then they didn’t die of COVID.

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  2. GeezerBob Coolidge

    A couple of observations. When we left to travel to Greece, I had it on the best authority that the airline would require an N95 mask. So i trudged off to the hardware store and found some. However, when we boarded the plane, the attendants told us those masks wouldn’t be acceptable and issued us those blue “surgical” sneeze guards. Go figure.

    I have also noticed that Jim has not addressed the question as to who should not be vaccinated. I have been seeing commentary pointing out the possibility that vaccines might be suppressing natural immunity, for example.  There have been any number of rumors that have little or no merit, but not every one. In the interest of transparency and testing all angles, shouldn’t these be looked into? Sticking to the party line is for Democrats. What’s the real scoop?

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