Join Jim and Greg as they give a shout out to the 50,000 Canadian truckers bringing their convoy to Ottawa to fight against their government’s vaccine mandate that’s threatening their livelihoods. They also shake their heads as now President Biden and Ukrainian President Zelensky are at odds on when to expect a Russian invasion, whether the U.S. is sending the military aid Ukraine actually needs and more. And they’re curious at Biden’s timetable for announcing a Supreme Court nominee and the left’s overreaction to criticism that Biden is prioritizing the wrong criteria in his search.


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  1. randallg Member

    Where on earth did this 50,000 number come from? There may not be that many trucks in all of Canada. The number in this convoy is probably more like 300. Also the effort has been hijacked by all kinds of looney fringe types. One group plans to meet with the Governor General and convince her to fire the government and dissolve parliament if they don’t reverse the mask mandate.

    This started when some truckers were disturbed by a new mandate that truckers crossing the border from the US be vaccinated. Drivers within Canada are not affected. Ironically, the US has a similar rule for truckers driving south, so removing the Canadian mandate would not make any difference.

    randall g, Vancouver BC


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  2. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    Don’t forget what Dick Cheney did when he was placed on Bush’s vice president selection team. Kamala still has a chance.

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  3. Misthiocracy got drunk and Member
    Misthiocracy got drunk and

    randallg (View Comment):
    Where on earth did this 50,000 number come from?

    The 50,000 number came from Tamara Lich, one of the organizers.  It is, indeed, a ridiculous number.

    The average truck-and-trailer is 23 metres long. This means that 50,000 of them would stretch 1,150 kilometres; the approximate distance between Edmonton and Vancouver.

    Many of the trucks are not pulling trailers, meaning their length is closer to about nine metres . Even then, that’s a continuous line of vehicles stretching for 450 km — the distance between Ottawa and Toronto.

    Even if the 50,000 was composed entirely of Honda Civics, that lineup stretches for 230 kilometres; longer than the distance between Ottawa and Montreal.

    The Ottawa Police say they expect between 1,000 and 2,000 vehicles.  Not semis, vehicles. The Ontario Provincial Police say the majority of the vehicles they’ve counted have been minivans, pickup trucks, and automobiles.

    Let’s be honest though. That’s still a very impressible number of vehicles. 2,000 Honda Civics lined end-to-end would stretch for about nine kilometres.  The streets in downtown Ottawa are about 1.3 kilometres long, so 2,000 Honda Civics would fill up the first seven streets out from Parliament Hill.

    All the streets in downtown Ottawa only add up to about 34 kilometres. 2,000 vehicles of mixed size will fill up almost all of that space.

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