Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America grab some popcorn as supporters of Sen. Cory Booker blast the media for giving far more attention to Pete Buttigieg, calling the coverage gap the epitome of privilege.  They also slam Code Pink for commandeering the Venezuelan embassy in Washington in solidarity with dictator Nicholas Maduro and but get a kick out of Code Pink howling in protest when the water and power are cut off – some of the very same conditions Maduro is inflicting on the people of Venezuela.  And Alexandra highly enjoys the irony as Alyssa Milano and other modern feminists protest state laws banning abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected by refusing to have sex so they don’t get pregnant.

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  1. EtCarter Inactive

    Thank you, for reminding the world that in nearly every 1rst world case, a woman right-to-choose was exercised in full, and the cause and effect nature of such choices-  taking responsibility is what pro-abortionist want to avoid by treating the child created by that “choice” in a way that is congruous with the way slave-owners were outlawed in the USA from treating slaves (not treating them consistent with the slaves inalienable human-rights, treating them as “property” (or as “part of their own body like a wart or tumor), and/or treating any human right to life on a sliding scale of utility or pragmatic usefulness re the economic affairs of another human being. Many records of Roman citizens near the time of Octavian list their personal slaves on the side of the ledger with their personal tools like scythes, tack, etc…). 

    The revulsion this era looks on the removal of human rights human slave-owners exhibited(the kind of “human-rights” a government cannot grant nor remove), is exactly how the soon coming generation will look on the people of today who had abortions and the medical professionals who tossed away the Hippocratic Oath that after 4000 years had given the public at least enough trust that a medical doctor could be trusted to save their life no matter how economically beneficial it might be to end life after conception and during the sunset of ones life.

    Babies lives are the result of choices , thanks



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