Chad Benson, of the Chad Benson show, is in for Greg today. Join Jim and Chad as they discuss the dumpster fire that President Biden’s campaign has become, from his shaky interview with George Stephanopoulos, to reports that his staffers manage every detail of his presidency, to the difficult situation that Democrats find themselves in when it comes to potentially replacing Biden.

First, they kick things off with a double-fisted good martini as Biden’s planned post-debate comeback flops immediately. His latest media appearances, especially the interview with Stephanopoulos and his call-in comments on Morning Joe, in which he did not even appear on video and was apparently reading from a script, confirm that his debate performance was not a fluke, and he is not, in fact, in the position to make successful public appearances.

Next, they examine the troubling reports coming out from various sources that Biden is so closely managed by his staffers that he has no independence. If this is true, Jim says, then Biden is no longer truly the president: he is only a man waving and pretending to be president while others make the decisions.

Finally, they chuckle at Biden’s claim that he should be the presidential candidate because he won the primary, and they point out that the primary was skewed in Biden’s favor to begin with. They also weigh the possibility of Democrats invoking the 25th amendment to oust Biden.

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