Hillsdale College Radio General Manager and Radio Free Hillsdale Hour Host Scot Bertram is in for Jim. Today, Scot and Greg dissect a poll showing President Biden with a 52 disapproval rate in deep blue California. Republicans have virtually no chance to win the state but there is clearly widespread dissatisfaction in Biden’s performance.

They also recoil at the news Associated Press and Reuters photojournalists were embedded with Hamas during their ghastly slaughter of Israelis on October 7. Some of those photographers also freelanced with CNN and the New York Times. This raises so many questions about what the news organizations may have known ahead of time and how they dealt with learning their employees were there and possibly even participating.

Finally, they groan as Michigan leftists makes plans to set up solar and wind farms on 209,000 acres of the state and have stripped local leaders from being able to refuse these projects in their jurisdictions. And even that huge amount of land isn’t enough to meet the 100 percent renewable energy mandates set for 2040.

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  1. kedavis Coolidge

    If the People’s Republic of California is really down on Biden, they need to demonstrate a little seriousness by not electing goofballs like Newsom.  Then we can talk.

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