Join Jim and Greg as they dissect horrible polling numbers for President Biden, an easy win for him in the South Carolina primary, and the absolute non-starter of a border security bill.

First, they dig through an NBC poll showing Biden not only trailing Donald Trump but getting trounced by large margins on issues ranging from border security to the economy to crime to America’s standing in the world. And the approval numbers for Vice President Kamala Harris are even worse than Biden’s.

They also shudder as the early warnings about the contents of a border security bill are proven accurate – from allowing nearly 5,000 illegal entries per day in perpetuity to liberally issued work permits for those waiting to have their alleged asylum claims ruled upon.

Finally, polling regularly shows that Democrats are leery about having President Biden as their nominee again in 2024 but you’d never know it by how easily he crushed his low-profile rivals in Saturday’s South Carolina primary. Turnout may have been exceedingly low, but it’s obvious that neither of his challengers provide much appeal for the base.

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