Join Jim and Greg as they break down what Biden is reportedly considering on the border, the interest on our debt rapidly spiraling out of control, and an ex-GOP campaign figure telling Dems to declare Biden a “great” president.

First, they assess an Axios story about how Biden is considering executive action that could significantly reduce the number of people illegally flooding into our country. He allegedly wants to claim that he taking action on the issue while Republicans just talk about it. Taking this action would not only confirm what conservatives have been screaming this for years but, if done right, would actually do some good – even if it’s only an election year ploy.

Then they fume at the news that paying off the quickly accumulating interest on our $34 trillion+ national debt will cost more than defense spending this year. Higher interest rates are the reason for the higher payments, but reckless spending is the reason that higher interest rates were needed. And neither party has any interest in even discussing possible remedies for our debt.

Finally, they get a big laugh out of former Republican campaign official turned Lincoln Project figure Stuart Stevens pleading with Democrats to go beyond arguing that Biden is preferable to Trump and start declaring Biden to be a “great” president.

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