Join Jim and Greg as they wince at the prospect of Sen. Kamala Harris being one of Joe Biden’s heart beats away from the presidency if the Democratic ticket wins in November. They also applaud Sarah Palin for her magnanimous advice to Harris based on her experience as John McCain’s running mate in 2008. And they hammer the “true conservatives” at the Lincoln Project for lavishing praise on Harris and laugh as Bill Kristol suggests only Harris and Pence should debate.

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  1. Arahant Member

    The Murder Turtle impressions are definitely better than whatever that was.

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  2. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    Jim thinks that Trump not supporting the intelligence community that worked to remove him from office is a knock against him? It’s another positive. 

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  3. kedavis Inactive

    Reprising a previous show: “Come on, man!”  Just because Kamala Harris will stop TALKING ABOUT a position that she thinks might cost her votes etc, doesn’t mean she no longer HAS that position, or will go ahead and DO what she stopped talking about, once in a position to do so.  That’s one thing about chameleons, remember?  They change their APPEARANCE, but they’re still chameleons! i.e., lizards!  Reptiles!

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  4. kedavis Inactive

    And a Monty Python reference for those in the know:  Is Kamala Harris indecisive?  Yo!  Nes!  Perhaps!

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  5. kedavis Inactive

    One problem with VPNs is that since they put everyone on a single IP in different locations/countries – the much-touted “anonymizing” feature – that makes it easy for services like Netflix to block everyone using a VPN.  So your ability to pretend to be in Australia so you can see Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, may be short-lived.

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