Undisputed King of Stuff, columnist, and longtime Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim today as he and Greg serve up a full round of bad/crazy martinis after giving a well-deserved shoutout to Florida for showing it is possible to interdict illegal immigration.

In their first crazy martini, they highlight Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders introducing legislation lowering the work week to just 32 hours but also demanding no drop in pay. In addition to the economic insanity, Jon points out that this runs afoul of America’s strong work ethic.

They also roll their eyes at the latest story suggesting Americans need to stop eating so much beef and dairy because it’s supposedly responsible for the low water levels in the western U.S. because so much is needed to grow the plants that cattle eat. Jon and Greg are not buying that premise and suggest some more obvious reasons that water levels are down.

Finally, they dig into Jon’s latest column for Discourse magazine focusing on how man Americans are less than enthused about a Biden-Trump rematch. Jon explains what that apathy might mean in 2024 and why it’s important to vote even if you don’t love your options at the top of the ticket.

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