Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the good news that the Pfizer vaccine successfully fights off the recently discovered coronavirus mutations. They also mourn the death of a U.S. Capitol Police officer and discuss the scrutiny the USCP will undergo after Wednesday’s riots and the chief’s resignation. Finally, they slam Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for immediately framing the police response as evidence of a race-based two-tiered justice system.

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  1. MiMac Thatcher

    Why didn’t any reporter ask Kamala if it would be acceptable for Trump staffers to help pay for bail of those arrested?

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  2. kedavis Coolidge

    To the extent that there is a 2-tiered race-based justice system, at least for the riots it appears to be that minorities get off without charges, while white people don’t.

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  3. William Laing Inactive
    William Laing

    Don’t forget to ask about the Washington D.C city police (as distinct from the police of the Capitol building, who you have been talking about). Is it true that they were told to stand down by the (Democrat) mayor of the district.

    Did not the Democrat mayor and the the Virginia  state governor similarly prepare and enable the riot at Charlottesville?

    Are these are Reichstag-fire like pretexts for a left wing crackdown.

    Other than that, Harris and Biden are getting their version in first, I see.

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