Join Jim and Greg as they marvel at the new hi-tech details surrounding Israel’s successful targeting of an Iranian nuclear scientist back in November. They also welcome the perfectly logical conclusion of the Senate parliamentarian that amnesty for illegal immigrants does not belong in a budget reconciliation bill. And they vent as the Pentagon actually admits its ISIS-K drone strike actually killed a bunch of innocent people but top officials somehow stand by the intelligence behind the strike.

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  1. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    The Marine Raider screening was in the last major war the US has won.

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  2. Taras Coolidge

    Why was the Israeli strike so successful — killing the A-bomb builder while sparing the wife sitting next to him — while the American drone killed seven children and three innocent adults.

    Answer:  Personnel on the ground.

    Incidentally, I was immediately suspicious of the American strike.  With nobody on-site, how could they possibly know the ten people killed were associated with ISIS-K — an organization of which I had never heard before.

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