Today, Inez Stepman of the Independent Women’s Forum and host of the “High Noon” podcast is in again for Jim. Join Greg and Inez as they discuss Justice Alito rejecting demands from Democrats to recuse himself on certain cases, a hilariously dumb attack from Rolling Stone designed to discredit Justice Barrett, plus Inez’s latest observations from the Trump trial.

First, they are pleased, though not surprised, to hear that Justice Samuel Alito refuses to recuse himself from the Trump immunity case (or other possible January 6-related lawsuits), a request made by Senate Democrats on the absurd grounds that his wife flew an upside-down American flag outside their home after a dispute with the neighbors and the Appeal to Heaven flag outside of their beach home.

Next, they shake their heads as Rolling Stone tries to smear Justice Amy Coney Barrett simply due to her husband representing the parent company of Fox News in a defamation lawsuit. They explain why the left is trying to manufacture outrage against the right-leaning justices and they also make the obvious point that spouses of Supreme Court justices are still allowed to have jobs and still allowed to exercise free speech rights.

Finally, they weigh in on Donald Trump’s hush money trial, in which jurors are not provided with written instructions from the judge. They also note the judge’s guidance that jurors need to agree that at least one of the charges against Trump is valid to have a unanimous verdict – but they don’t have to agree on which of those charges he’s guilty of. Inez also laments the way in which the justice system has been politicized and weaponized, which this trial has made clear.

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