There are no good martinis today but there are two very important bad ones and a crazy one too!

First, they dive into Texas Gov. Greg Abbott insisting that Texas will keep defending the border because the Biden administration has chosen not to, and he says the Constitution is clearly on his side. Meanwhile, some Democrats want President Biden to take federal control of the Texas National Guard because Abbott is allegedly defying an order from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Then they recoil at a new poll out of the West Bank. They expected a disturbingly high percentage of residents there to consider the October attacks by Hamas against Israel to be “legitimate resistance.” They were not ready for zero percent of them to say it was “illegitimate resistance.” How do you hope to ever reach any sort of stability when virtually all people there think what Hamas did was OK.

Finally, they scratch their heads as Donald Trump lashes out at Nikki Haley donors and says that, going forward, anyone who donates to her is banished from MAGA forever.

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