More year-end awards today!  Jim and Greg embark on the second half of their six-episode saga known as the 2020 Three Martini Lunch Awards. Today, they offer up their selections for the best political idea, worst political idea, and boldest political tactics for the year.

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Tommy John

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  1. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    I agree with you about all your reasons for the increase in Trump’s Latin vote.  But, I think there is another reason which had a bigger effect.  The Democrats have been tone deaf about the economic fallout from the lockdown.  Their emphasis was targeted towards middle class and wealthy suburbanites who were minimally affected by staying at home.  Trump, while not always eloquent, showed that he did understand that the economy was in deep trouble.  Latins are, on average, at the more vulnerable end of the economic ladder and are more likely to lose jobs in an economic downturn.  This is part of the larger trend where Democrats have been abandoning their traditional blue collar base, of various races, in favor of libertine and lefty whites.

    There are two other reasons for Trump doing better with Latins.  Trump sometimes uses crude rhetoric which a lot of working class people are used to, and in some cases actually like.  The other reason is BLM.  This movement is seen by many Latins, and others, as the Democrats favoring one minority group over all others.

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