Welcome to the Weekly Sceptic, episode 51! This week: -The Lionesses lose, but is it just because Rishi and Prince William didn’t show up? Or simply because they’re too white? -Mason Greenwood will not play for Manchester Utd again, and Nick and Toby wade into the controversy  -Toby talks about Peter Wilby, who was especially cruel to Toby in the past, and has now been sentenced for heinous crimes -Dr Shola manages to make the Lucy Letby case about race
-Sadiq Khan manages to make everything about race -Graham Linehan’s gig is cancelled TWICE, and he is then ‘ambushed’ by TalkTV -Trump refuses to debate, and Nick and Toby weigh up Vivek’s chances -Elon Musk decides to remove the block button from Twitter/X, despite everyone hating the idea -Logan Paul is humiliated by Dillon Danis over his fiancée’s past. All this and, of course, Peak Woke!

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