Welcome to the Weekly Sceptic episode #91 In a week full of political news, Nick and Toby talk about: Rishi Sunak’s D-Day disaster and whether the Conservative election campaign is now holed below the waterline The ultra-woke Lib Dem manifesto, which reads as though it’s been written by junior staff members of the Guardian Keir Starmer’s unbelievably wooden, robotic performance in the two-way, ITV debate And premium content on www.basedmedia.org, which includes: The hostile reception given to Nigel Farage in the seven-way, BBC debate The European election results and whether it’s accurate to describe populist parties like Marine le Pen’s National Rally and Giorgia Meloni as “Hard Right”, “Radical Right” or “Extreme Right” Everyone’s favourite section Peak Woke, which includes a discussion of “front holes” and “bonus holes” as an alternative term for a Cervix And in the Based Department, the Welsh boys football club that has abolished girls’ football and the animal rights protestors who stuck a speech bubble attacking the RSPCA on Jonathan Yeo’s ghastly ‘red’ portrait of King Charles.

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