Welcome to the Weekly Sceptic episode 89 This week:  In a General Election special, Nick and Toby talk about:  -Why Rishi Sunak called a summer election, surprising everyone, including his Cabinet. Whether a ‘Presidential’ election, with the focus on the Prime Minister rather than the Conservative Party’s record in government, is Rishi’s best hope of limiting the damage Why the Conservatives have rejected a ‘Devil Eyes’ election strategy and decided to emphasise Keir Starmer’s weak leadership skills instead. Plus everyone’s favourite section, Peak Woke, and premium content on www.basedmedia.org, which this week includes:  Nigel Farage’s controversial exchange with Trevor Phillips about British Muslims and the BBC describing his Dover speech as ‘inflammatory.’ The relaunch of Loaded and whether it’s actually a bit feminist. And the 70 year-old in a Suffolk village who chased some young hooligans down the street after they damaged her back gate (no pun intended).

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