Richard Epstein analyzes the major legal plot lines attending the presidential transition: The Trump campaign’s frantic efforts to keep the president’s prospects alive in court, the possibility of a raft of last-minute presidential pardons, and the decision by Attorney General William Barr to transform U.S. Attorney John Durham — currently investigating the origins of the Russia probe — into a special counsel.

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  1. Dr.Guido Member

    I was an original #NeverTrumper who did a 180…I have admired you from Day 1 and have listened to your less than glowing critiques over the past 4+ years but there were times in this podcast where you approached the hysterical—not funny, just hysterical. Calm down, Professor and at least deal with the possibility that hundreds of sworn statements in Court and videos do constitute something other than “no evidence”. Thanks…

    PS—I agree that this is over and he should calm down as well and go to Georgia to ask that he be given 2 Senators to safeguard the considerable success he has had.

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