Richard Epstein fans know that, when it comes to legal analysis, all roads lead to Rome. For years we’ve been ribbing Richard about his propensity to analyze current legal disputes through the prism of Roman law. Now we’ve finally buckled to the pressure and given him an entire episode on the topic. In this show, Richard explains why Roman Law remains relevant today; why it made especially valuable contributions on the topic of water law; how a failure to understand Roman law has weakened Supreme Court decisions; and what the connection is between the Romans and the Anglo-American legal tradition.


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  1. Texmoor Coolidge

    I imagine Richard looks like this when lecturing on Roman law:

    Image result for animal house toga

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  2. J Ro Member
    J Ro

    There is a huge amount of Roman law material on the internet. It would be helpful if the reading list for Prof. Epstein’s introductory course could be posted or linked here.

    OK, there! I’m officially out of the Roman law cupboard! 

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  3. mildlyo Member

    Epstein for scotus! We need someone who knows the history in those deliberations.

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