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  1. Merrijane Inactive

    This was such a great podcast! I love the flood of words Epstein always unleashes. He has such a unique way of speaking. Two things that stood out to me:

    • This quote: “Having political affiliation is dangerous because you then can’t speak out against your friends.” How true we’ve seen this to be in current politics. Of course, having no political affiliation is dangerous as well because it’s hard to get anything done that way, but if you’re a respected pundit maybe you can sway the right people. Unfortunately, pundits tend not to be respected by the people they need to sway.
    • This idea: That when you lose an argument, first, you need to recognize it, and then determine what part of the other guy’s argument you need to use to adapt your own position–not necessarily adopting it wholesale, but using it to evolve your thinking. This may not be the perfect way to come at “absolute truth,” but it seems a good, systematic way of evaluating what you truly, honestly believe and how to bring your political ideas in congruence with that.
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  2. DavidCLowery Coolidge

    This is probably my favorite podcast on the podcast feed.  And this is one of this podcasts best episodes. The most eloquent and coherent explanation of real libertarian philosophy.

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