A new strain of conservative intellectuals think an embrace of free-market economics should take a backseat to a more communitarian approach. At the same time, an energized group of progressives wants to dramatically expand the reach of the federal government. Both groups take as read that the free market isn’t adequately serving the public’s needs. Richard Epstein examines those claims and explains the vital factor missing from both diagnoses: the importance of civil society.

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  1. Jdetente Member

    This is the second podcast in the last week where someone has taken extreme exception to Mr. Deneen’s view on classical liberalism. In both cases, accusations of him not understanding the subject have been thrown out there as an argument against his work. A humble suggestion to Mr. Epstein and others, set up a debate where the person on the other end of your accusations has a chance to respond. That would be much more interesting and compelling…

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    • June 19, 2019, at 12:44 PM PDT
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