In this edition, Mark Mills’ monologue addresses the long-term energy implications of the horrific Ukrainian invasion, and the likelihood, and tech realities, of a Great Energy Reset.

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  1. Boney Cole Member
    Boney Cole

    Great synopsis.  It would be good to have a more in-depth follow-up about the German change in plans. 

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  2. Derek Tyburczyk Lincoln
    Derek Tyburczyk
    @Derek Tyburczyk

    I implore everyone to peruse some climate skepticism websites. I’ve found them to be enlightening on the anthropogenic global warming fear mongering, that has ignited a maelstrom of coercion, and manipulation.

    Watts Up With That, Climate Skepticism, Not Alot of People Know That, are 3 very good sites. What one chooses to believe about the “debate”, about climate, is subjective, and irrelevant to what we actually “know” about our earth’s climatic systems.

    I’ve also seen much correlation, between the green energy mavens, and the same irrational, ‘hair on fire’, group, that promotes CRT, and government mandates, for any of their perceived grievances in life. Exactly the people, whose undue influence on our current government, and the pain that they inflict, upon the rest of humanity. “Misery enjoys company”, is their motto.

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  3. DJ EJ Member
    DJ EJ

    Here’s the International Energy Agency report on “The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions” that he mentions in the podcast:


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