The Hinderaker-Ward Experience returns for a special Friday night edition podcast. Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas and John Hinderaker of Power Line convene on a cold Minnesota night to discuss the big issues of the past week.These include:

  • The weather (cold, snowy)
  • The alcohol they’re drinking while broadcasting (Hudson’s Bay blended scotch whiskey and Rolling Rock)
  • High school dance line competitions
  • President Obama’s State of the Union address
  • The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
  • Meteors
  • Horse meat
  • Loon of the Week (a CNN anchor sees global warming in blizzards and meteors, but not – yet – horse meat)
  • This Week in Gatekeeping (newspaper confusion over who just bought them, a buffet vs. Warren Buffett)

The Ricochet member/listener member of the week naming the phrase that pays from last show was the great Valiuth. He was unable to appear (probably because I have him all of 10 minutes notice before the recording). So we’re suspending the competition for one week so we can have him on next time. And then we’ll be open for business for the next lucky winner.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged in the comments section. Hope you enjoy.

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