This week on The Hemingways, Mark and Mollie recap the Presidential debate (Mark was there), a frank discussion on why Biden may actually win his debate against Ryan, Mollie confronts NYT editor Bill Keller — in person!–  and Mark reveals his nerdy high school nickname. 

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    Great podcast.

    I particularly liked your discussion of the difference between whether we have a right to criticize another person’s religion and whether we should.  Somehow the distinction escapes many American.  

    I’m all for treating other people with respect.  I’m not for the government making me respect others. There’s a big difference between compulsion and a voluntary act.

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  2. Profile Photo Contributor
    Chris L: Just noticed this:  How are you guys married but not following each other?  :P  

    Any chance you guys will make this a weekly podcast? · 18 hours ago

    I’m really bad at that “following” thing. People have made fun of us for tweeting at each other while we’re in the same house, however.

    We need to tape these more frequently. When our travel plans decrease here in a few weeks, it should be better.


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    Barkha Herman: I love to hear Mollie giggle on these podcasts…

    Every. Single. Time. Every time we start out, my husband makes me laugh. It’s really ridiculous. But the trains were too much this time.

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  4. Profile Photo Member

    Great podcast, enjoyed every second of it and of course the music. We should make the Hemingway Podcasts as part of Marriage Preparation Classes. 

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    This podcast is terrific! I love the punditry, the banter and the young children’s issues. We too are experiencing the tooth fairy as well, and I have convinced my little one that I have the tooth fairies email address to let her know when to come.

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    So my mom just listened to this and told me she thought my line about Joe Biden’s pants was funny. This is the only time in my life she’s ever thought anything I said was funny. Whoo hoo!

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    Just noticed this:  How are you guys married but not following each other?  :P  

    Any chance you guys will make this a weekly podcast?

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    I love to hear Mollie giggle on these podcasts…

    Don’t agree so much on the Veep debate front.  Like Mollie said, Ryan won 7 times in Wisconsin – the only state in the union to ever elect a Communist to power.  He has charm – and it’s not smarmy like Biden’s.

    But then again I may be wrong, I never saw the charm in Clinton – he always sounded like a used car salesman to me – even before the Monica episode.

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    OK, I know I’m a few days late to this discussion, but I must make a correction: Unless you live near a vintage excursion line, that “steam whistle” is actually an air horn.

    Personally, I love the sound of trains. The nearest one to my house is a freight line about two miles away, but I’m enjoying the cooler weather of October, when I can throw my bedroom window open at night and listen for the moan of the horn.

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