hemingways-logoHere’s an unexpected treat: a new episode of The Hemingways just in time for the holidays. Listen in as Mark and Mollie discuss the Elizabeth Lauten/Obama’s daughters controversy, Rolling Stone’s shabby journalism, the media, Ferguson and Staten Island, Interstellar, the Fight of The Week, and much more.

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  1. Fricosis Guy Listener
    Fricosis Guy

    Listening to Ricochet podcasts has become a FG family tradition on the drive to Virginia for Christmas (we have to make do with RadioLab and other second-rate stuff on the way home).

    It just wouldn’t be the same without The Hemingways.

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  2. Butters Inactive

    Most journalists are smart enough to ignore charges of bias. It’s near impossible to get them in a position where they must respond to criticism.

    Sarah Kliff’s biggest mistake was engaging Mollie on Gosnell. If Kliff had just ignored her, Mollie would have been howling into the wind.

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  3. user_280840 Inactive

    Re: Fight of the Week

    I’m going to rule that Mollie wins this one.  This was complex and multi faceted.  But it mostly comes down to this essential truth:

    If you’re doing to do things, you need to talk to your wife about them first and get her on board, or

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  4. Stad Coolidge

    Thank goodness they’re back – I love The Hemingways podcasts!  Yay!

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  5. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    Be back soon with some ideas about how to fight back against the media.

    Mollie does a great job in the Federalist.

    Other than simply not consuming MSM bilge and depriving them of click counts, viewers, and subscription revenue not sure what those of us in flyover country can do.

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  6. The Cloaked Gaijin Member
    The Cloaked Gaijin

    You saw the movie What If.

    Which version?


    What If (2013 film)

    What If… (2012 film)

    What If… (2010 film)

    What If (2006 film)

    What If (1992 film)

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  7. Guruforhire Member

    Whiskey Ginger cake


    My wife’s commentary as she walked by: “Are these people in our marriage?”

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  8. Mollie Hemingway Contributor
    Mollie Hemingway

    The Cloaked Gaijin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What_If

    I guess we saw the F Word! the 2013 film.

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  9. user_339092 Member

    My suggestion is to use a five gallon bucket w/ lid for brining turkey.

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  10. user_1201 Inactive

    Paul Dougherty:My suggestion is to use a five gallon bucket w/ lid for brining turkey.

    I love doing this. Alton Brown is credited for every Thanksgiving turkey I’ve made.

    YouTubing “Good Eats” is naturally step one when cooking anything for the first time.

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  11. Lucy Pevensie Inactive
    Lucy Pevensie

    Like.  Like a lot.  It’s so good to have you guys back.

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  12. Jaclyn Inactive


    I love trying new ginger treats. Do tell where the ginger cake recipe came from. And welcome back – missed you!

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  13. Grendel Member

    …for the Holidays!?!  You’d better hope Mollie doesn’t see that.

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  14. user_25971 Member

    Hmmm…. missed the investigation of the UVA/Rolling Stone report? Listening to the podcast, Mollie seems to be accepting the story — more or less — at face value. How’s about a review of the podcast in the light ot new information?

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  15. Sherri Inactive

    I always enjoy your podcast, too.

    Please do share the source of the ginger cake recipe! The lemon topping sounds wonderful.


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