What is Glenn’s goal as a public intellectual? … Glenn has his critique of affirmative action … … … but is articulating the critique enough? … Glenn: My raison d’être is to give voice to my contempt for the failures of my people … Stephanie: At a certain point, you’re not describing reality, you’re influencing it … The case for integralism … “Evolution is beautiful, but it’s not pretty” … Glenn’s critique of Stephanie’s “promiscuous pragmatic pluralism” … A preliminary look into the married life of the Lourys …

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  1. Taras Coolidge

    I’m torn between recommending this podcast, and telling people to avoid this episode as a train wreck.  (Hint:  Time spent silently ruminating should be edited out.)

    One problem is that they talk about affirmative action without ever defining what they mean.

    I think they mean “goals” or de facto quotas; but they may mean more benign forms of racial preference, like extra scholarships or mentors.

    Of course, if they meant the latter, there would be little controversy.

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  2. Duane Oyen Member
    Duane Oyen

    The problem is the guest- she engages in extended psychobabble without foundation, and when Glenn points out that her putative AA rationale may have had some validity 50 years ago when it started, but fails because there is no end in sight other than demeaning via the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    She really needs to get a lot more substantive, because Glenn is utterly rational andf substantive with a wealth of supporting experience and knowledge.

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