0:00 Glenn II returns to The Glenn Show

2:17 Glenn II: Dad, you’re not really a “conservative” in the present-day sense of the term

13:20 Glenn and Glenn II agree that the “systemic racism” argument is overblown but disagree over what to do about it

22:04 What social conditions lead to the kind of behavior Glenn often condemns?

31:36 The luck and privilege that allowed Glenn to recover from his mistakes

39:19 Glenn II: “I found myself getting angry at someone who doesn’t exist anymore”

46:59 The conversation Glenn never had with his father

51:06 What Late Admissions taught Glenn II about his father

57:32 Grace in the face of public scandal

1:01:28 Love, death, and the Lourys

Recorded June 15, 2024

Links and Readings

Glenn’s essay, “Self-Censorship in a Time of War”

Scenes from The Wire, Season 4

Glenn and Glenn II’s September 2018 Bloggingheads conversation

Glenn II’s book, Invisible Funerals: A Tale of Nine Burials

Glenn II’s book, Love Letters & Elegies: Tales from Beyond the Pale

Glenn II’s book, What Death Can Touch

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