Ricochet members, here’s a treat especially for you, courtesy of James Lileks: A special edition of James’ legendary radio show (and later, a podcast) The Diner.  Not a member? No worries — you can join right now and be listening to this audio goodness in mere moments. 

A note of introduction from James himself: 

Christmas music ranges from the glorious to the banal to the utterly unlistenable, and since at least two of those adjectives apply to the Diner podcasts, it only seems right to return to the storied roadside cafe and see what’s on the jukebox. There’s no script – something that should seem obvious straight way – and a minimum of plot. Enjoy! 

(Diner art by Tom Dolan, who drew it for a story I had in the newspaper back in 1986. The Diner itself goes back to 1982 in fictional form, and was a radio show from 1997-1999, and a weekly podcast from 2006-2008. ) 

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