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Tom Luongo is a Former Research Chemist, Amateur Dairy Goat Farmer, Anarcho-Libertarian and Obstreperous Austrian Economist whose work can be found on sites like Zerohedge,, Bitcoin Magazine and Newsmax Media. Tom runs the Gold, Goats ’n’ Guns website and podcast.

Tom’s Twitter is @TFL1728


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  1. Rōnin Coolidge

    The conversation must have been good as James said his nipples got hard.  the audio was difficult to follow due to some sort of sync issue , but I got the jest of where they were going.  

    “Hooded, and veiled with their night-like tresses, The Fates shall bring what no prophet guesses.”

    – Lord Dunsany, The King of Elfland’s Daughter.


    • #1
  2. mildlyo Member

    An entertaining nutter, but he gave himself away in the midst there. He liked The Last Jedi.

    • #2
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